Leather Handbag Maintenance 101


Any handbag devotee will tell you that a good leather handbag is an investment piece your wardrobe simply cannot live without. Whether you're opting for a leather tote, satchel or clutch, this versatile fabric will not only take you from look to look but season to season as well. Leather is arguably one of the handbag classic greats, and if it is treated with the care it deserves, an investment piece could last you a lifetime. Yet, if you find yourself described as a self-proclaimed Bridget Jones amongst the messengers and shoppers, life's little dilemmas may just (occasionally) get in the way and your eternal leather label happiness could be in jeopardy. Here at Bag Studio, we not only applaud the handbag aficionados but if you're considered more of an accessory novice then help is at hand with our leather handbag maintenance 101 for beginners.

Where should I keep my leather bag?

With the dangers of sunlight, heat, and all other extremities posing a very real threat to your recent designer buy, preserving your leather handbag isn't just a case of throwing it in your wardrobe and hoping for the best. The dust bag was designed with a purpose, so store leather labels in them when not in use, and if your latest arm candy didn't arrive with a dust bag in tow, another soft fabric container will suffice. Above all, avoid keeping leather purchases in plastic bags, as this will prevent the material from breathing causing irreparable damages to the leather.

How can I get my bag to keep its shape?

Whilst this may be one of the simplest rules for handbag care, most will be guilty of the cardinal sin overfill. Packing your new leather love until it is bursting at the seams will no doubt stretch the bag beyond all recognition of its original shape. Despite leather easily stretching to fit all of your worldly possessions, once your bag has taken on a new form the leather cannot go back. So, choosing your handbag essentials wisely and refraining from packing everything plus the kitchen sink will most certainly keep your shape woes at bay. Yet if you're still searching for ways to keep your recent purchase looking shelf worthy new, try stuffing your bag with bubble wrap or tissue paper when not in use. Just make sure you stay away newspapers if you don't want yesterday's news smeared across the lining.

How do I clean my leather handbag?

Stains, dirt, and anything else which is likely to be a danger to the cleanliness of your handbag should most certainly be avoided. Yet when you're living in the real world and you don't have a plastic shield for your current favourite accessory, (Why would you? Plastic isn't breathable!), accidents can happen. Professional cleaning services for luxury leathers are out there, but just like with any spills you need to act fast. Make sure stains are removed from the leather straight away with a damp not wet cloth. DIY handbag cleaning should only be gentle, so don't be tempted to use soaps and other harsh cleaning products on the fabric.

What if my handbag gets wet?

Whatever you do don't reach for your hairdryer. Witnessing this season's labels soaking wet may cause even the most level headed of handbag enthusiasts to feel a little light headed, but panic drying will only make your soggy satchel situation worse. Airing out handbags to dry naturally and opting for a slower method will be much kinder to the leather than exposing it to the heat of your hairdryer. Whilst blow drying may be the quick fix route for wet through wallets, the rapid drying approach will most certainly cause creases in the leather design.

How do I prevent wrinkles?

It's the question on every woman's lips, and whether you’re looking for a solution to draft into your own beauty regime or something to boost the appearance of your coveted right arm accessory, wrinkles are no joke. Whilst too much moisture is a handbag health hazard, lightly moisturising your bag regularly with a leather conditioner will prevent it from drying out and keep its shiny new form. Yet as Leather conditioners can vary from brand to brand, so can the ingredients and chemicals have used in them. Make sure you do your homework before applying and check the product you intend to use is suitable for the leather on your much-loved handbag.

By Stephanie Jade Sleaford.

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