New Term Bags: The Satchel Vs. The Backpack

Backpack Satchel

Another year begins, which means the kids are back to school, another new term has begun, and the obligatory pristine uniforms are out in force, (well for the first couple of weeks at least). Yet whilst the kids are busy scuffing new school shoes, putting their easy-care skirts to the test and overfilling their brand-new book bags, us adults are having none of the fun. Ok, so children itching to go back to school shopping is probably an urban myth, but surely every woman shopping with them wishes she too could have a wardrobe fresh start every September?

That's why we think every woman should indulge in the new term handbag. Freshen up your wardrobe with something practical, that easily fits everything your day might throw at you, and still leaves all your colleagues whispering with downright bag envy.

Satchels and Backpacks are two styles that scream school bag worthy, so why shouldn't they be transported to the office? With endless designers championing these classic styles and inventing their own unique twists, the satchel and backpack couldn't be more suited to the new term bag hunt. From those looking for subtle styles to something a little more out there, there's no denying satchels and backpacks are the perfect old school bags.

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