The Handbag Styles to Shake Up Your Wardrobe


In a world of never-ending names, styles, and fabrics, the search for your next best handbag can often feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Since recessions hit, so did the craze for the latest 'it' bag, and whilst the search for your next piece of right arm candy should never been taken lightly, if you find yourself in a blurry haze of fashion lingo you don't understand maybe it's time to admit you're in too deep. Yet, as you trawl the sites hoping for 'it's perfect' and find a mass market of handbags, handbag woes could be salvaged with this fairy godmother of advice posts. Piecing together descriptions and perfect fittings of our favourite classic styles never again will you be left asking 'what bag is right for me'?

  1. Totes. - Not to be confused with abbreviated slang amongst the popular reality TV culture, the tote bag is arguably the bread and butter of the handbag styles. From smart leather looks to beach bag casuals this large open top bag comes in a never-ending array of designs. So, if you're looking for day to day look this bag is your necessary accessory.
  1. Box Bags. - Taking style notes from cigar box shapes, the box bag is a popular look for those looking for an edgier fashion. Hard glossy exteriors usually using Perspex adds to the high shine trend popular on catwalks and is great for those looking for a statement piece.
  1. Messenger. - Originally known as the delivery man's best friend, this across the body style has skyrocketed in the fashion stakes since the likes of Prada and Chanel took it under their wing. Mixing glamour and practicalities this typically large style is a great all-rounder.
  1. Clutches. - Perhaps worthy of an accessory title in its own right, the clutch bag is a staple for many women's evening and event wardrobes. Many designers feature the chic strapless style in their collections and with clip frames, hardcase and envelope but a few of the trend's twists, you'll be spoilt for choice.
  1. Bucket. - Fans of the Mary Poppins' wonder bag will simply love the bucket. Fitting in everything except the kitchen sink, this casual style was meant for the woman who feels the need to carry everything.
  1. Baguette. - Owing its popularity to Fendi, this rectangular bag is a great evening alternative to the clutch. For the 'I'm not holding that all night', the baguettes short shoulder strap keeps your hands free and your look glamorous.
  1. Hobo. - With similarities to the tote, this usually crescent shaped bag is another everyday casual featuring in most women's collections. Yet unlike the open top styles of the tote, the hobo typically offers a fastening and a shallower base, making this a firm favourite amongst the gadget valuable conscious.
  1. Saddle. - Taking its name and influences from the horse's saddle, this shoulder bag is a must have accessory for those driven by practicalities. Keeping hands free for great adventures, holding on tightly, sudden photo opportunities, Saddle bags are the ideal style for the big day out.
  1. Satchels. - Graduating from textbooks and chalk boards, this typically hard framed hand-held bag draws references from the classic school bag. Offering sophistication, space and an altogether smart look you won't find a better than the satchel to take you from the office to the post meeting drinks.
  1. Man bags. - With the rise in the style specifically designed for the opposite sex, gone are the days of the handbags and women cliches. Man bags are runway regulars and saviours to the stuffing in back pocket slaves.

By Stephanie Jade Sleaford.

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