Wedding Clutches: The Top 10 Nailing the Trends

Clutch Wedding

As wedding season is once again upon us, the great fashion debate commences. Finding suitably fashionista without upstaging the bride is just one of the many perils faced by wedding guests a plenty. From traditional big whites to the themed days, the race is on to find that perfect wedding look and one that won't be copied by other guests. Searching high and low for a clutch that isn't too much, is church to glitter ball friendly, and isn't last year’s nuptials may seem like an impossible chore, but taking the very best of something for every guest, Bag Studio has it covered.

  1. The Traditional Clutch. - The 'Jessica McClintook Satin Bow Evening Clutch' is the traditional wedding guest throughout. With silver satin material, feminine central bow and intricate beaded centre, you're sure to receive the seal of approval from any classic church bride.
  1. The Unconventional Clutch. - If pushing the boundaries of wedding attire is your thing then ‘Lulu Guinness Black Swarovski Crystallized Lip Clutch' is for you. Going against every rule in the big day book, the only thing that says romance about this sparkly black clutch is the unique lip design.
  1. The Foreign Clutch. - Wedding guests heading to sunnier climates are bound to find eternal happiness with the 'Charlotte Olympia 'Letter's' Clutch'. The cute air mail design screams jet setting jaunts and will save you losing your lip gloss in between your toes in the sand.
  1. The Budget Clutch. - When the wedding of the year has snuck up on you and pay day is nowhere in sight, the budget clutch is your best friend. Offering great value, and top notes in the pastel and pinstripe style stakes, 'Dorothy Perkins Women's Paper Dolls Pink Striped Clutch Bag', is the answer to your bank balance prayers.
  1. The Eccentric Clutch. - If standing out in the crowd and upstaging not only the bride but the entire bridal party is your thing then 'Marc by Marc Jacobs 'Large E/W' Clutch' is your must have accessory. This bright 'pop pink' clutch will not only get you noticed but will give a firm nod to spring/summer's neon trend.
  1. The Vintage Clutch. - Vintage weddings are once again back by popular demand, so make sure you fit the theme and treat yourself to the ‘Dolce and Gabbana 'Cleo' Clutch'. The pale yellow, floral lace clutch will add a touch of vintage to any dated day.
  1. The Spacious Clutch. - If room to spare is what you lust over then you won't find a more fitting style than Warehouse's 'Leather Pocket Front' clutch. With space for tissues, confetti, and endless makeup touch ups guests will be pestering for you to hold their essentials in this soft leather design.
  1. The Investment Clutch. - When you've got weddings pencilled in for the next month, you need a versatile bag that you can use nuptial after nuptial. The 'Beckett Faux Leather Clutch' encapsulates investment piece, with its stone-grey leather look, never again will you search for that staple clutch.
  1. The Natural Clutch. - Whilst we can't promise to keep the rain at bay, perfect clutches we can. Embracing their 'outdoorsy' day, the wooden box style clutch with unusual butterfly detailing, 'Free Spirit from Bottica', is a great way to get back to nature.
  1. The Dancefloor Clutch. - Dancing the night away might be the highlight of your day, so don't let your clutch get in the way. Get dance floor ready with 'Ava Laser Clutch' and be the envy of all your friends with this bag’s cute wrist strap. Choose from romantic coral or pale pink and dust off those wedding day moves with this intricate metallic clutch.

By Stephanie Jade Sleaford.

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